East Meets West.

Radhika (East):
Ever suffered from writer’s block? If you haven’t, let me tell you, it is no fun! I have an idea for a cookbook I want to write for the kids in my family. I have a ton of ideas for the book. I have thoughts of what I want to write – LOTS of them and I have cooked and cooked and cooked towards the book. But have I actually written about it??? Yes, you guessed it – I haven’t written a line towards the book. And it is not for lack of inspiration either! I love my kids, I want to write a book and I read enough blogs and more blogs and even more blogs to get inspired from.

The one thing I do have, is a boatload of excuses about why I haven’t written. Finally, yesterday it hit me. I need a friend or two, a dear friend or two, to help me get over the writer’s block! So I pitched the idea to Candis about blogging with her. About her motivating me through her talent. And being an awesome friend, she readily agreed. I am so grateful for that!

What has started as a selfish reason to get my friend involved, I hope, will end up bringing us closer. I love you Candi. Here’s to food, here’s to friendship.


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