Pancake meets Dosa

My fun assignment for today was making dosa. I was the dosa half of “Pancake meets Dosa”. I was all excited to start early, take pictures along the way and make it a step-by-step recipe. No such luck! Work, dear work, has a way of spoiling the fun. I did not let work zap all of the fun, but it definitely took its hefty share. In work’s defense though, work never called itself “fun”. Neither is its tag line “Where friends are made!”.

I have to tell you though, as part of growing, learning and improving myself every day of my life, I am trying to learn to take these ups, downs and curve balls in stride and not let it ruin my whole day (which I would have previously!) Do I hear you mumble..”drama queen!!”!?

Having said that, I made dosa. Dosa is one of my favorite eats, morning or noon. Notice, I never said “night”. Because that would be weird, plain weird I tell you! Or would it!? Hmmm….maybe dosa should join the dinner table as well!

Dosa is the savory Eastern half of West’s pancakes. It’s origins can be found in South India. A dosa a day keeps the doctor away! Trust me on this.

There are various types of dosas. they can be made from lentils, rice, semolina, pulses etc etc. I made mine from semolina today. It is a quick and easy recipe and lucky for me, my family’s favorite.

You may wonder why I am not delving into the recipe with this post. Like I said before I ended up having to work, work, work and that meant very little time to cook. So I tossed measurements to the side, recipe to the side, pictures to the side and ended up making the dosa with a pinch of this and a dash of that. I served the dosa with chicken curry. Luckily for me, the family LOVED it. My husband loved it so much, he has asked me to make dosa my daily assignment.

I have such a problem with measurements, knowing how much of what I am adding or what I am adding. And yet, I keep wondering why I cannot make progress on my cookbook.

P.S: I will post a pic tomorrow. Time to shut down the laptop and get ready for the week.

Happy work week y’all!

Monday update: Pic added. Hope all had a good Monday!




2 responses to this post.

  1. Posted by Seema on February 21, 2011 at 2:32 am

    Cool site!! Great going EAST WEST & EVERYTHING…. Like the way you girls started……Looking frwd to many happy reading & recipes too!


  2. Posted by Seema on February 21, 2011 at 2:34 am

    Yummy Dosas!!! What a perfect combo with Chicken curry….Delicious! Like the new site & write ups.. keep going girls.. u rock!


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