A tall glass of water and Tylenol – dinner is served

Most days and evenings I do what most moms do. I do it happily, with a sense of joy and fulfillment. I take care of the house, the boys, dinner, husband you name it and things at work. It is my dream life and I love it!

And then there are some nights like tonight. I have a giant giant headache brewing and I would like nothing better than to crawl into bed. This is where the glass of water and Tylenol come into the picture! My best friends on a night like this.

I luckily have a wonderful husband who always supports me, no matter what! Tonight is no exception. So I can wallow in self pity and yet be assured that my kids are taken care of.

I am pretty sure I brought this headache on myself. How you ask!? By not handling the ups and downs of life better. My current down is nothing to even complain about. And yet, I let it eat at me. And now, I pay the price for it.

Life is about choices. I need to take a nice nap, appreciate my awesome family and hence my life, be thankful for His kindness, get over my self pity and  take tomorrow for what it brings! Because as well all know, He has a plan, and it all always works out!

On that note, I wish you good night!



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