From being crabby to crab cakes!

My past few days could have been better. I frowned, I cried, I wallowed in self pity, indulged in therapy sessions with Candis and above all I was crabby. Wow!! Honestly, was a waste of time! Much ado about nothing really!

To mark an end to last week and to my crabbiness, I made crab cakes for dinner tonight. So so so good! I will definitely include this on my dinner menu more often. A hit with the family. I enjoyed making it and enjoyed watching the family gobble it up.

Cooking has become such a therapeutic activity for me. The process of prepping the dish, making a dish, watching the family eat and the lessons learned when I try a new dish are experiences I will not trade for anything in the world. I don’t even mind the clean up after.

It wasn’t always the case. Cooking was once a chore for me. Once I had my kids, cooking wasn’t such a chore anymore. While it wasn’t fun, it definitely was a necessity! I wanted my children to eat healthy and know and enjoy Indian cuisine from a very young age. So I cooked every night. I was improving little by little, learning new things here and there. A few friends noticed how I was evolving gradually as cook. But still, my heart wasn’t it.

Last year, I went through a rather difficult time. Turns out, I had to go through that experience in my life inorder to meet wonderful people like Candis, get to know dear Dee better and realize my love for cooking. Rob and her blog and her love and enthusiasm of cooking rubbed off on me. I am so glad I met her as well. We have become fast friends and over the past year, I have evolved and changed and embraced cooking like never before! Thanks Rob!

Nowadays I eagerly wait to come home from work and cook. What a difference a year makes! It is true what they say, everything does happen for a reason!

Before I sign off, I would like to give my heartfelt thanks to all the awesome cooks and their amazing blogs! They are such a huge source of inspiration to me. My hats off to guys and your dedication. Many thanks for the innumerable recipes.

Good night,

Much Love,

Radhika aka East.



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