Back to basics.

This Valentine’s day I am in a very reflective mood. Actually past few days I have been reflecting on various things.
Over the past few months, I have been getting compliments on the weight I have lost. At first it took me surprise. Really? I hadn’t drastically changed anything in my life. I hadn’t stopped eating, I wasn’t running marathons, none of it.
But I had made subtle changes to my lifestyle. I had stopped eating late dinners, I was eating lesser, I was trying to stay active and I was drinking plenty of water. I was also cooking a lot at home. This meant a lot less eating outside and lot more home cooked fresh meals. In looking back, these are the things that have finally worked for me. After all the years of struggle, all I had to do was get back to basics.
Speaking of home cooking, another major change I have made is in buying groceries for the week. My husband, my darling husband, has done the grocery shopping all these years with no help from me. And I have cooked whatever he has brought home. No planning. But we managed with little to no complaints.
A few weeks back, I was talking to Rob, Candis and Dawn about feeling like I had too full of a refrigerator and how I found myself throwing away a couple items which in turn made me unhappy because it is such a waste of money to throw away food. The three of them told me about how they buy just what they want for the week and make sure that by the end of the week, the refrigerator is empty and clean.
What a revelation it was for me! It was time for back to basics again!
I am the cook, I should probably do the shopping or in the very least provide a detailed list with quantities to my husband. Ever since I have taken over the grocery shopping, the fridge looks a lot emptier, we buy just what we need for the week and as an added bonus, the wallet is happy and so is my husband!
Nothing beats the feeling of opening the fridge on Saturday, to see that all the items that had been purchased at the beginning of the week have been successfully used to make delicious meals for the family.
Just as an FYI..I still do not make get a weekly menu ready before I go shopping. That is just not me, not right now anyway. I walk through the produce aisle a couple times and plan my menu right there as I find something I like. I buy enough to make 5-6 dinners for the four of us.
And speaking of clean, I should have long ago befriended “clean as you go”. I follow that principle religiously now and cleaning the kitchen is a cinch! Another back to basics moment for me.
And finally, going to back to the very basics of life, I would like to say how very thankful I am for everything and everybody in my life. I am especially thankful for my family, my entire family, which is the back bone of my existence.
Much love and happiness to all of you on this Valentine’s day.
Radhika aka East.


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