A Well Labeled Freezer

It has been one heck of a week… Husband has run off to stay a week with my parents in Florida.  He abandons me and Maddy for a week to 10 days every February to play with my folks.  I know most people think it is totally weird that he would vacation at his in-laws; but if you knew them you would understand!  They are totally laid back fun people and I joke with Jim that he gets along so well as he is practically their age!  Had to add that jab!

Well while Jim has been away I managed to get a flu bug that totally knocked me on my butt.  I had to cancel a business trip to “the city of brotherly love”, as Maddy and I call Philadelphia, and I spent a solid 24 hours in bed.  Between a the help from neighbors and friends, I am back among the living and itching to make something. 

I managed 2 loaves of bread this morning, one wheat and one cinnamon wheat (see recipe under baking “in need of an intervention”).  They are so yummy.  Maddy much prefers my bread to store-bought so I guess I will be baking a couple of loaves each Saturday for the next 12 years or so!  I like it better too so I guess that is OK!

I could not get my mind around what I wanted to eat/cook so I decided to go to my freezer and see what I could find for dinner.  I love to cook and freeze things so I have them for a night that I don’t want to take the time to do too much for dinner but feel like I have.  Here’s the list of things I have in my freezer almost all the time:

  • Meatballs– Oh the things you can do with them; pasta dishes, sandwiches, mushroom sauce over noodles, sliced on a pizza, barbecue sauce ’em, just a ton of quick easy meals.
  • Chili– when do you ever make chili and not have left-overs?  I always keep 2 bowls in the fridge for the next day’s lunch then the rest goes into the freezer for a cold night!
  • Stuffed Shells– These are simply the easiest things to make and you can hide lots of good veggies among the ricotta and your kids will not mind at all!
  • Spaghetti Sauce– with meat, without good stuff for a quick dinner.
  • Bread– before bread goes bad we freeze it sliced so it can be pulled out for garlic bread or pizza bread on quick notice.
  • Soup– I currently have beef barley and chicken vegetable in my freezer. 

Beef barley was what I had my mouth all set for tonight.  Maddy was at My Connie’s house playing with her best friend Emma.  I was alone and hungry… soup… oh a nice steamy bowl of soup.  That was going to hit my spot!  I started going through my Ziploc containers trying to locate my beef barley soup. 

Here’s the issue… most everything I freeze has a tomato base to it, it all looks quite similar when frozen!  Things really don’t smell that much when they are frozen either, so opening and smelling was not going well. 

I found what I thought was beef barley soup and tossed it into the microwave.  I was going to cut a nice slice of fresh bread and settle into my crochet project and veg.  As the microwave turned and my frozen soup was thawing I noticed the smell of spaghetti sauce.  AUGH… I pulled the wrong container!  I was now thawing sauce with turkey sausage!  Time for Plan B: garlic bread topped with mozzarella and meat sauce!

Tomorrow I am going to buy a label maker!!!


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