Today was family picnic day. With us enjoying unseasonably good weather, it was time to make the most of it.
So we set off on a picnic to Wapelhorst Park. We love that park. We picked up Sonic and headed off to the park. Doesn’t Sonic have the best food EVER!? I ♥ Sonic.
The picnic started out with food. We took pictures of the food, of us, of us as individuals stuffing each of our mouths and us a group stuffing our mouths with the delicious, greasy, unhealthy food. I wonder what happened to my portion control theory!?
Then it was play time! I took pictures of the kids and the husband doing various fun stuff. Then I was reviewing the pictures and found one I didn’t like and meant to delete that one and instead deleted all the pictures taken so far. Oooppss!! So, much to the annoyance of my family, I made them replay some of the poses for me so I could capture it on my camera.
So what do we have so far?? Food and play!!

We then decided to go walking around the beautiful lake and the park, let the kids feed the geese and pass the football to each other.

As you can see they were quite excited to be able to walk around the lake and feed the geese. Aren’t the geese beautiful!?

And then some football passing between father and son led to the football accidentally falling in the water, floating away from us as fast as can be.

Which in turn led to disappointed kids!

The silver lining in all this?? My husband and I found it the right moment to hug each other. I mean, we may have lost a football, but we still had each other right!?

We then continued our walk around the lake, albeit sad, but carefully watching the ball as it was floating around the in the slightly choppy waters. The geese were wearily watching the ball. Probably wondering what it was! I mean, I assume the geese don’t find a red football in the water that often!

Then suddenly the ball…the ball wanted to come back to us. It swam against the currents, battled the high seas and fought the geese to come find us, it’s rightful owners! Well, ok, so the direction of the wind changed and the ball started floating towards the shore. Thus began an exciting rescue mission and the finally the ball and the humans were reunited to cheers and celebration from both the humans and the geese!

Riya even did a special cheer for the geese!

Then we continued on the walk, football in tow.

And continued and continued and continued to walk till we could walk no more. Till our toes were bleeding, till our..ok! ok! I will stop now! The short of it is, the kids and I were getting kinda tired.

At the end of it, all I wanted was a bathroom. Everybody tells you to drink lots of water, nobody tells you it’s side effects.
Thus ended the day, with a few groceries purchased and me visiting the store restroom. Riya and Avinash even rode the car shopping cart and Ajay was the one maneuvering the car. Fun was had by all!

I got to buy bacon. Bacon rules the world. Yes, I truly believe that!

Happy president’s day! Happy week ahead!

Much love,
Radhika aka East.


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