The little people!

I had a not-so-great start this morning. I mean, who likes to drive  to work at the speed of 1 inch/10 minute interval? Seriously!?
I thought I handled the 2hrs for a 25 min drive pretty well. I listened to music, I listened to a funny talk show and finally made it in to work. But I had brought someone else along with me. A giant headache had entered the building with me.
I thought we had good security where I worked. Guess I was wrong! I mean, how did the unwelcome guest of a headache manage to get in?
I took a couple Motrins and plowed through the day to not much luck. Around 3:00 PM the headache was worse than ever.
So I left work early and headed home to take a nap. I picked the boys up from school and my niece from daycare (I had to babysit her this evening) and entered the house. I was getting ready for my nap when this happened.

My niece had one of my sons help her put my apron on and she asked me “So what are we making for dinner tonight?”. That was it!! Just the motivation I needed. I thought she and I would make dinner together and I would write a blog post about it.
So I started chopping the onions, when she ran out of the kitchen and the next thing I know, this has happened!

Since I had already started cooking, I decided to finish it. As I was getting close to done, the three little people above were busy arguing. Turns out a few littler people had gone missing. Oh no!! So we searched high and low for the littler people. The little people were happy and calm again when all the littler people were together.

At the end of all this, I was left asking, “Headache?? What headache??”
BTW, in case you were curious, dinner tonight was baked tilapia topped with onion, mushrooms and cherry tomatoes. The onions and mushrooms were cooked in a honey-wine-vinegar sauce. Served with cauliflower-green bean risotto and three bean salad.

How was your evening? I would love to hear about it! Do tell.

Till next time,


One response to this post.

  1. LOVE it. LOVE the kids. LOVE you. Oh…and the meal YES!!


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