Cooking together – Pierogis!

Once in a while Dee, Candi and I like to cook “together”. We each lead busy lives and Candi lives a few hours away, so we cook together by cooking the same dish in each of our unique styles at our own convenience and then blog about it.
I think when we cook the same dish, it is fun to see what each of us comes up with. I think that what we make of the dish and how we make it reflects each of our personalities. So fun to dissect to our personalities, if you are into that sort of thing, of course!
Pierogis are delicious. But they are labor intensive. I am nonetheless including them in my cookbook as my boys really love them. Someday, they can make it using mom’s recipe and complain about how labor intensive it is and yet are gone in a flash! There will no leftovers with this dish. I can promise you that.

Here’s my recipe for the pierogis:
Polish Pierogis the Indian American way!

Radhika aka East.


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