Communication – the key to a successful marriage!

My husband and I have been married for almost 15 years now. Wow!! Time sure flies. And I can honestly say we have a great marriage.
I mean I do have the normal complaints of a wife. I complain when he forgets to make my coffee, when breakfast is 15 minutes later than usual, when the house isn’t clean as it should be etc etc
I get especially upset when he is watching his favorite show and I talk about my day and he just won’t listen. But I talk about it anyway.
Last week for instance, when he was watching his favorite show, knowing he is not listening, I told him about how I really liked the combination of green beans, sweet peppers and mushrooms in a dish. What I did not mention was that it was a LOT of effort and a LOT of dishes for me to go through the giant bags of each of those that he had gotten me from Costco. I mean, why should I tell that? It’s not like he listens right!? But one thing I am sure I did not mention or mean to mention was Africa.
Africa?? Why Africa you ask? Because, for my luck, he actually listened to me this time. He surprised me this past weekend with giant bags of, you guessed it, green beans, sweet peppers and mushrooms. Here’s where Africa comes into the picture. I can feed entire Africa using vegetable bags from Costco.
He came home with them and was so happy to have purchased my favorite things that I didn’t have the heart to tell him that I will be A-OK if I never ever eat green beans, mushrooms and sweet peppers. Like EVER!

And so here I am, plowing through my stock, dish after dish, while the whole time wanting to ask my husband “You chose to listen to that conversation?? What about the others which I actually wanted you to listen to?”
So you see my dear friends, always communicate with your significant other. Tell them the truth, the whole truth and nothing but the truth. Or else, you will end up like me cooking through giant bags of “Oh no..not this again!!”. I am going to have to have the “vegetable” talk with him this weekend!
Sometimes though I am glad he listens. Like the other day, during his other favorite show, I complained about badly needing a mani-pedi and today he got a gift certificate for the same.
Maybe he is buying me giant bags of vegetables and a mani-pedi certificate so that I will just let him watch his show in peace. Could it be???

On that note,

Good night.


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