No more soup for you!

Recently I had my health screening done. And while I got all greens on the various tests, I got one orange. Yep. You guessed it! Mr Health Screening Person told me to put the fork down, run around the block 10 times and lay off the cookies. Well, he didn’t tell me all of that, but he told he told  me that at my current BMI, I am “at risk” for disease. Alrighty then!!
SO..I am trying to eat lesser and maybe walk around the block once.
In keeping with this plan, I ate a light dinner this evening. I made sesame pasta with green beans, mushrooms and sweet peppers. I will be sharing the recipe on my blog about my cookbook. The boys really enjoyed the pasta. Seems like a keeper to me.

Sesame pasta with mushrooms, green beand and sweet peppers.

And then I headed out for my walk around the block. Actually, I went to my favorite grocery store and bought my favorite things!

All my favortie things.

After I came back home, I ate some fruit for dessert.

Fruit for dessert

Then I patted myself on the back for doing so good that I went ahead and made oatmeal cookies. They have oats in them. That’s counts as healthy right!? It does in my book. I hope you are not reading this Mr Health Screening Person.

As you can see, I make the cookies large enough to where the mere act of picking up a cookie is a work out in itself!

All this talk of walking and working out is making me tired…

Good night.

Radhika aka East.


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