Blog update.

While this blog is still relatively young, it has done so much for us. Candi, Dee and I are blogging like never before and all three of us are enjoying blogging so much.
For me, personally, it has given me just the push I needed to start working on my cookbook for my boys.
Upon reading Dee’s and Candis’s blog posts, I am always inspired to write and to try something new.
Dee for instance, makes me want to plan-ahead for the following week. That kind of planning is definitely out of my comfort zone and will be a great challenge for me.
Candi on the other hand, inspires me to cook, freeze, re-heat and serve. That would definitely make my life a lot easier once football season starts.
Both plan so well and are so organized. I, on the other hand, just buy stuff I like and then plan my meal as I drive home from work each day based on what I have in the fridge.
While I will probably always be that way, cause that’s who I am, Candi and Dee inspire me enough to want to try their methods. Who knows maybe I will love it!
This blog has been such a gift to me. Many thanks to my dear friends D & C, and all of you for being such a source of inspiration in my life.

Much love,


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