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Blog update.

While this blog is still relatively young, it has done so much for us. Candi, Dee and I are blogging like never before and all three of us are enjoying blogging so much.
For me, personally, it has given me just the push I needed to start working on my cookbook for my boys.
Upon reading Dee’s and Candis’s blog posts, I am always inspired to write and to try something new.
Dee for instance, makes me want to plan-ahead for the following week. That kind of planning is definitely out of my comfort zone and will be a great challenge for me.
Candi on the other hand, inspires me to cook, freeze, re-heat and serve. That would definitely make my life a lot easier once football season starts.
Both plan so well and are so organized. I, on the other hand, just buy stuff I like and then plan my meal as I drive home from work each day based on what I have in the fridge.
While I will probably always be that way, cause that’s who I am, Candi and Dee inspire me enough to want to try their methods. Who knows maybe I will love it!
This blog has been such a gift to me. Many thanks to my dear friends D & C, and all of you for being such a source of inspiration in my life.

Much love,


Cooking together – Pierogis!

Once in a while Dee, Candi and I like to cook “together”. We each lead busy lives and Candi lives a few hours away, so we cook together by cooking the same dish in each of our unique styles at our own convenience and then blog about it.
I think when we cook the same dish, it is fun to see what each of us comes up with. I think that what we make of the dish and how we make it reflects each of our personalities. So fun to dissect to our personalities, if you are into that sort of thing, of course!
Pierogis are delicious. But they are labor intensive. I am nonetheless including them in my cookbook as my boys really love them. Someday, they can make it using mom’s recipe and complain about how labor intensive it is and yet are gone in a flash! There will no leftovers with this dish. I can promise you that.

Here’s my recipe for the pierogis:
Polish Pierogis the Indian American way!

Radhika aka East.

A book in progress…finally!

Remember the book I had mentioned about wanting to write? Well, it is finally on it’s way. It is thanks to this blog that I share with Dee and Candis that I have finally embarked on the exciting journey of seeing my book to fruition. When I see Dee and Candis post, it inspires me to post. While I am still new to writing blog posts and detailing the recipes, I am enjoying it.
I am trying to post about every recipe the boys enjoy. I am not sure which recipes will make it took the book, but it sure is a learning process for me.
I hope my boys enjoy reading it as much as I am enjoying working on it.

Here it is: the blog which details my cookbook’s journey:

I hope you will join me on this journey as well!

Much love,