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Blog update.

While this blog is still relatively young, it has done so much for us. Candi, Dee and I are blogging like never before and all three of us are enjoying blogging so much.
For me, personally, it has given me just the push I needed to start working on my cookbook for my boys.
Upon reading Dee’s and Candis’s blog posts, I am always inspired to write and to try something new.
Dee for instance, makes me want to plan-ahead for the following week. That kind of planning is definitely out of my comfort zone and will be a great challenge for me.
Candi on the other hand, inspires me to cook, freeze, re-heat and serve. That would definitely make my life a lot easier once football season starts.
Both plan so well and are so organized. I, on the other hand, just buy stuff I like and then plan my meal as I drive home from work each day based on what I have in the fridge.
While I will probably always be that way, cause that’s who I am, Candi and Dee inspire me enough to want to try their methods. Who knows maybe I will love it!
This blog has been such a gift to me. Many thanks to my dear friends D & C, and all of you for being such a source of inspiration in my life.

Much love,


Communication – the key to a successful marriage!

My husband and I have been married for almost 15 years now. Wow!! Time sure flies. And I can honestly say we have a great marriage.
I mean I do have the normal complaints of a wife. I complain when he forgets to make my coffee, when breakfast is 15 minutes later than usual, when the house isn’t clean as it should be etc etc
I get especially upset when he is watching his favorite show and I talk about my day and he just won’t listen. But I talk about it anyway.
Last week for instance, when he was watching his favorite show, knowing he is not listening, I told him about how I really liked the combination of green beans, sweet peppers and mushrooms in a dish. What I did not mention was that it was a LOT of effort and a LOT of dishes for me to go through the giant bags of each of those that he had gotten me from Costco. I mean, why should I tell that? It’s not like he listens right!? But one thing I am sure I did not mention or mean to mention was Africa.
Africa?? Why Africa you ask? Because, for my luck, he actually listened to me this time. He surprised me this past weekend with giant bags of, you guessed it, green beans, sweet peppers and mushrooms. Here’s where Africa comes into the picture. I can feed entire Africa using vegetable bags from Costco.
He came home with them and was so happy to have purchased my favorite things that I didn’t have the heart to tell him that I will be A-OK if I never ever eat green beans, mushrooms and sweet peppers. Like EVER!

And so here I am, plowing through my stock, dish after dish, while the whole time wanting to ask my husband “You chose to listen to that conversation?? What about the others which I actually wanted you to listen to?”
So you see my dear friends, always communicate with your significant other. Tell them the truth, the whole truth and nothing but the truth. Or else, you will end up like me cooking through giant bags of “Oh no..not this again!!”. I am going to have to have the “vegetable” talk with him this weekend!
Sometimes though I am glad he listens. Like the other day, during his other favorite show, I complained about badly needing a mani-pedi and today he got a gift certificate for the same.
Maybe he is buying me giant bags of vegetables and a mani-pedi certificate so that I will just let him watch his show in peace. Could it be???

On that note,

Good night.

No more soup for you!

Recently I had my health screening done. And while I got all greens on the various tests, I got one orange. Yep. You guessed it! Mr Health Screening Person told me to put the fork down, run around the block 10 times and lay off the cookies. Well, he didn’t tell me all of that, but he told he told  me that at my current BMI, I am “at risk” for disease. Alrighty then!!
SO..I am trying to eat lesser and maybe walk around the block once.
In keeping with this plan, I ate a light dinner this evening. I made sesame pasta with green beans, mushrooms and sweet peppers. I will be sharing the recipe on my blog about my cookbook. The boys really enjoyed the pasta. Seems like a keeper to me.

Sesame pasta with mushrooms, green beand and sweet peppers.

And then I headed out for my walk around the block. Actually, I went to my favorite grocery store and bought my favorite things!

All my favortie things.

After I came back home, I ate some fruit for dessert.

Fruit for dessert

Then I patted myself on the back for doing so good that I went ahead and made oatmeal cookies. They have oats in them. That’s counts as healthy right!? It does in my book. I hope you are not reading this Mr Health Screening Person.

As you can see, I make the cookies large enough to where the mere act of picking up a cookie is a work out in itself!

All this talk of walking and working out is making me tired…

Good night.

Radhika aka East.

A book in progress…finally!

Remember the book I had mentioned about wanting to write? Well, it is finally on it’s way. It is thanks to this blog that I share with Dee and Candis that I have finally embarked on the exciting journey of seeing my book to fruition. When I see Dee and Candis post, it inspires me to post. While I am still new to writing blog posts and detailing the recipes, I am enjoying it.
I am trying to post about every recipe the boys enjoy. I am not sure which recipes will make it took the book, but it sure is a learning process for me.
I hope my boys enjoy reading it as much as I am enjoying working on it.

Here it is: the blog which details my cookbook’s journey:

I hope you will join me on this journey as well!

Much love,


Today was family picnic day. With us enjoying unseasonably good weather, it was time to make the most of it.
So we set off on a picnic to Wapelhorst Park. We love that park. We picked up Sonic and headed off to the park. Doesn’t Sonic have the best food EVER!? I ♥ Sonic.
The picnic started out with food. We took pictures of the food, of us, of us as individuals stuffing each of our mouths and us a group stuffing our mouths with the delicious, greasy, unhealthy food. I wonder what happened to my portion control theory!?
Then it was play time! I took pictures of the kids and the husband doing various fun stuff. Then I was reviewing the pictures and found one I didn’t like and meant to delete that one and instead deleted all the pictures taken so far. Oooppss!! So, much to the annoyance of my family, I made them replay some of the poses for me so I could capture it on my camera.
So what do we have so far?? Food and play!!

We then decided to go walking around the beautiful lake and the park, let the kids feed the geese and pass the football to each other.

As you can see they were quite excited to be able to walk around the lake and feed the geese. Aren’t the geese beautiful!?

And then some football passing between father and son led to the football accidentally falling in the water, floating away from us as fast as can be.

Which in turn led to disappointed kids!

The silver lining in all this?? My husband and I found it the right moment to hug each other. I mean, we may have lost a football, but we still had each other right!?

We then continued our walk around the lake, albeit sad, but carefully watching the ball as it was floating around the in the slightly choppy waters. The geese were wearily watching the ball. Probably wondering what it was! I mean, I assume the geese don’t find a red football in the water that often!

Then suddenly the ball…the ball wanted to come back to us. It swam against the currents, battled the high seas and fought the geese to come find us, it’s rightful owners! Well, ok, so the direction of the wind changed and the ball started floating towards the shore. Thus began an exciting rescue mission and the finally the ball and the humans were reunited to cheers and celebration from both the humans and the geese!

Riya even did a special cheer for the geese!

Then we continued on the walk, football in tow.

And continued and continued and continued to walk till we could walk no more. Till our toes were bleeding, till our..ok! ok! I will stop now! The short of it is, the kids and I were getting kinda tired.

At the end of it, all I wanted was a bathroom. Everybody tells you to drink lots of water, nobody tells you it’s side effects.
Thus ended the day, with a few groceries purchased and me visiting the store restroom. Riya and Avinash even rode the car shopping cart and Ajay was the one maneuvering the car. Fun was had by all!

I got to buy bacon. Bacon rules the world. Yes, I truly believe that!

Happy president’s day! Happy week ahead!

Much love,
Radhika aka East.

Back to basics.

This Valentine’s day I am in a very reflective mood. Actually past few days I have been reflecting on various things.
Over the past few months, I have been getting compliments on the weight I have lost. At first it took me surprise. Really? I hadn’t drastically changed anything in my life. I hadn’t stopped eating, I wasn’t running marathons, none of it.
But I had made subtle changes to my lifestyle. I had stopped eating late dinners, I was eating lesser, I was trying to stay active and I was drinking plenty of water. I was also cooking a lot at home. This meant a lot less eating outside and lot more home cooked fresh meals. In looking back, these are the things that have finally worked for me. After all the years of struggle, all I had to do was get back to basics.
Speaking of home cooking, another major change I have made is in buying groceries for the week. My husband, my darling husband, has done the grocery shopping all these years with no help from me. And I have cooked whatever he has brought home. No planning. But we managed with little to no complaints.
A few weeks back, I was talking to Rob, Candis and Dawn about feeling like I had too full of a refrigerator and how I found myself throwing away a couple items which in turn made me unhappy because it is such a waste of money to throw away food. The three of them told me about how they buy just what they want for the week and make sure that by the end of the week, the refrigerator is empty and clean.
What a revelation it was for me! It was time for back to basics again!
I am the cook, I should probably do the shopping or in the very least provide a detailed list with quantities to my husband. Ever since I have taken over the grocery shopping, the fridge looks a lot emptier, we buy just what we need for the week and as an added bonus, the wallet is happy and so is my husband!
Nothing beats the feeling of opening the fridge on Saturday, to see that all the items that had been purchased at the beginning of the week have been successfully used to make delicious meals for the family.
Just as an FYI..I still do not make get a weekly menu ready before I go shopping. That is just not me, not right now anyway. I walk through the produce aisle a couple times and plan my menu right there as I find something I like. I buy enough to make 5-6 dinners for the four of us.
And speaking of clean, I should have long ago befriended “clean as you go”. I follow that principle religiously now and cleaning the kitchen is a cinch! Another back to basics moment for me.
And finally, going to back to the very basics of life, I would like to say how very thankful I am for everything and everybody in my life. I am especially thankful for my family, my entire family, which is the back bone of my existence.
Much love and happiness to all of you on this Valentine’s day.
Radhika aka East.

A tall glass of water and Tylenol – dinner is served

Most days and evenings I do what most moms do. I do it happily, with a sense of joy and fulfillment. I take care of the house, the boys, dinner, husband you name it and things at work. It is my dream life and I love it!

And then there are some nights like tonight. I have a giant giant headache brewing and I would like nothing better than to crawl into bed. This is where the glass of water and Tylenol come into the picture! My best friends on a night like this.

I luckily have a wonderful husband who always supports me, no matter what! Tonight is no exception. So I can wallow in self pity and yet be assured that my kids are taken care of.

I am pretty sure I brought this headache on myself. How you ask!? By not handling the ups and downs of life better. My current down is nothing to even complain about. And yet, I let it eat at me. And now, I pay the price for it.

Life is about choices. I need to take a nice nap, appreciate my awesome family and hence my life, be thankful for His kindness, get over my self pity and  take tomorrow for what it brings! Because as well all know, He has a plan, and it all always works out!

On that note, I wish you good night!